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The Moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded and this was based on the historical passage, which state " qua condita Roma ". Manilius once said that Libra was the sign "in which the seasons are balanced". Both the hours of the day and the hours of the night match each other.

Thus why the Romans put so much trust in the "balanced sign". They called the area the Latin word "chelae", which translated to "the claws" which can help identify the individual stars that make up the full constellation of Libra, since it was so closely identified with the Scorpion constellation in the sky.

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According to the tropical system of astrology, the Sun enters the sign of Libra when it reaches the northern autumnal equinox and the southern vernal equinox , which occurs around September Libra is said to be compatible with Aquarius since they share a sense of fairness and curiosity for design. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the Western astrological sign. For other uses, see Libra disambiguation. Illustration of Libra in a Flemish manuscript from the early s.

What June's Libra Horoscope Means for You

Career destiny can hold many difficulties and stumbling blocks at the beginning of life; these problems will be overcome and, if used as learning experiences, will allow Librans to achieve professional success. Their great sensitivity and affection will be shown in everything they do. They will be interested in all that relates to humanity; they will also be interested in guiding and teaching people.

Their destiny is linked to people, and they may become well known in society. However, nothing will come for free and Librans will have to work very hard to reach their goals. They will be interested in the environment, ecology, nutrition and nature in all its expressions. They will be very tolerant, kind, and even a bit indulgent. Librans will seek approval and support to reach their goals; often their progress will come to a standstill if they do not receive the help they feel they need to go on. They will have a very significant mystical and spiritual nature and may be attracted to metaphysical subjects or careers.

Libras Are Born From September 23 – October 22

Career choice may be as a doctor, pharmacist, teacher, biochemist, paediatrician, nurse, gynaecologist, nutritionist, yoga instructor, financial adviser, psychologist, farmer, food producer, animal breeder, solicitor, beautician, professional referee, graphic artist, engraver, hairdresser, designer, landscaper, police officer, soldier, painter, sales representative, stonemason, undertaker, union representative, politician, travel agent, promoter, librarian, architect, or escort.

They always like to work in an environment where the human factor and relationships are essential considerations. They work better in a congenial, harmonious environment, away from noise and coarseness. Under the scales of justice they may attract or be associated with the legal profession. They are born strategists, with a natural flair for tact and diplomacy and can excel in almost any form of arbitration.

Therefore, they could be attracted to a career in welfare, as a marriage guidance councillor, a legal aid worker, an arbitrator in family or neighbourly disputes, or as a go-between for opposing parties. They have a natural ability to smooth over troubled waters. Libra is the sign of partnership in business and they would work well with a compatible associate. They feel more complete working with another person rather than on their own. With Venus, the planet of beauty, as their ruler they may consider careers associated with the arts, colour, design and luxury goods and services.

Libra woman is charming, attractive, naturally elegant, charismatic, sentimental, melancholic, and very communicative. She is sensual and stylishly seductive, with that touch of class that makes her a social creature in her own right. Libran women tend to self-indulgence, spoiling themselves by purchasing the best of everything. Nothing is too good for them. They enjoy gourmet food and may put on weight easily.

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They dress exquisitely and tend to be upmarket and trendy, with a passion for expensive perfumes. Libran women are content to live in the lap of luxury and let others provide for them. They can be naive or optimistic, depending on their point of view, and they trust in fate to bring them what they need in life. They can be artistic and sophisticated, making excellent hostesses, wooing dinner guests with an array of precious china, silverware, embroidered napkins, fine food and wine.

They like to be sociable with their guests, making easy contact with people. They can be very supportive friends.

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Libran women have a deep side to their nature; they can at times be very melancholic, pensive and morbid. When they become downhearted, they can be quite paranoid and depressed, even over superfluous matters. Fortunately, this is only a passing phase for them and they will snap out of those moods very quickly if given even just a bunch of flowers or some other gift or token of affection.

Libran women have difficulty in making decisions and can be the biggest procrastinators in the zodiac. Their indecisive and ambivalent nature can be their worst enemy. Their flag of justice will always be flying high, for they passionately believe in justice for all. They do not particularly like to argue, but their strong aggressive nature will spring into action when a matter of principle is at stake.

Libran women are basically rational, detached and controlled, disliking disorder and chaos, and they are always trying to find that certain balance in life. The Libra man is charming and refined, with a cultured, elegant, personal style and a warm, courteous, considerate manner. He is highly intelligent, open-minded, with many interests, a well-informed, articulate conversationalist.

With excellent social and interpersonal skills, he can mix with people from all walks of life and so will build a network of friends and contacts. He is kind-hearted, willing to do what he can to help his friends and associates. Libran men can be indecisive, changeable, procrastinating, somewhat vague and elusive. They can also be stubborn, particularly when pushed. They should always be asked, never told, to do things. They don't mind a little flirting and love chatting up the opposite sex.

They are deeply aware of beauty and most appreciative of it. Cleanliness and lovely surroundings are important to them. In fact, they may well become collectors of eye-catching objects of art. Their home is their castle. They have elegant, artistic taste and love class and quality. Appearance really matters to them and they will always dress in fashionable clothes.

Looking their best gives their confidence a boost. The Libran man is bright, enquiring and resourceful. He is logical and reasonable, and will express his views in a calm, clever, objective manner. He is a competent negotiator and mediator and, when others have an awkward situation or troublesome person to handle, he will offer some sound and valuable advice. He dislikes emotional arguments and would prefer to walk away from them, but the fact is that he himself is very good at starting them.

The Libran man enjoys romance, love and affection; he is extremely warm and generous with his feelings. He may play the field until he finds his special person, but then he will be a passionately true mate. Libran men are very demonstrative, with a love of free expression.

They may occasionally need breathing room, or time out to play sport.

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Most Libran men have champagne tastes and love a touch of luxury. They appreciate the best and adore socialising, circulating and communicating. Compliments give them a buzz, pleasantly lifting their morale and confidence. Giving and receiving kindness provides them with much pleasure. Social injustice disturbs them. Libra in Your Libra sign rules the first sector of your horoscope, the one that is related to your personal life, your appearance and personality, as well as to those events, people, circumstances and external conditions that influence your destiny. When your ruling planet Venus transits the various signs throughout it will sharply increase the activities and tempo of your life for this year.

Although you will at times feel tired due to heavy workloads or strenuous situations that arise suddenly and unexpectedly, your levels of energy, physical stamina and vitality will be assisted by energetic Mars.

During this year Mars will help you cope successfully with urgent, strenuous day-to-day activities as well as with the odd dynamic issues you find yourself in. Many Librans won't listen to reports of pain or unpleasantness and fool themselves that things they don't acknowledge didn't happen. Because they repress their pain and everybody else's, they have meltdowns.

Think of Judge Judy born October 21 and the pain she's seen and absorbed over 25 years as a judge in family court. She balances that by verbally skewering and humiliating people. Another judge with an attitude is Simon Cowell Oct. It might take five years to get your own Libra male off your sofa. He will yell that all he wants is some peace.