Venus january 12 2020 astrology

The Hong Kong progressed chart is 10 years away from it's 7th progressed Full Moon since its inception in It's a really powerful event, very fixed and uncompromising but not without hope.

Planetary Overview

The next 10 years are tumultuously significant for the Hong Kong region Today The Moon is void of course for 2 hours. Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A far seeing day. Mercury resides in this sign for a lengthy 68 days because of his retrograde phase. Mercury transits the disc of the Sun on Nov 11th stamping a cosmic 'top priority' on the period. He sextiles Saturn and Pluto and trines Neptune 3 times during this period.

A favorable repeated mixture of consolidation, imagination and must needed changes.

2020 Astrological Aspects

Mercury opposes Uranus on Oct 7th, an unsettling start. He enters his shadow on Oct 14th, sextiles Saturn Oct 14th, trines Neptune on Oct 15th and sextiles Pluto on Oct 19th, the day his apparent speed falls below a degree per day. Venus overtakes faltering Mercury on Oct 30th at 28 Scorpio. Mercury stations retrograde at this degree on Oct 31st, the supposed Brexit day, potentially a real cliff hanger and an inevitable about turn. Mercury sextiles Pluto 2nd time on Nov 10th, transits the Sun at 19 Scorpio on Nov 11th, and then as a morning star, sextiles both Saturn and Pluto, for the 2nd time on Nov 13th, an immensely serious, sobering and penetrative day at the time of the Full Moon.

Mercury stations direct on Nov 20th at 12 Scorpio, and for the final time, finally trines Neptune on Nov 28th, now back up to speed, finally sextiles Saturn on Nov 30th and finally sextiles Pluto on Dec 3rd. Mercury leaves his shadow on Dec 8th, and leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on Dec 9th. Quite a dance this one, looking forward to it. It gets beneath the surface, delves for truth, seeks answers and embraces the mystery. A change of the astrological wind direction today as Mars enters Libra. Wake up to a new social reality.

Venus and Mars are in Libra for just three days, before Venus moves on seeking deeper sensation. Blocked energy. Up against fate. Testing days. Mars resides here for 46 days. The Mars in Libra period is indecisive. All alternatives are considered before action is taken. Motivation is social. Communication and artistic expression are to the fore.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2020 ~ Protect & Survive

This is a tough residence this time. Mars squares Saturn on Oct 27th, which is akin to accelerating with the brakes on. Mars squares Pluto on Nov 5th which is potentially violent. Mars sextiles Jupiter on Nov 12th which is much more optimistic.

Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio on Nov 19th. The Moon is then void of course for 10 hours. Ground zero. A mixture of shrewd practicality and tough composure evident today. Crisis in initiating action. Venus and Mars in Libra, charm offensive. All serious, all purposeful, slightly somber Moon applies conjunct Saturn. A day simply to work through but there is an underlying sense of trouble ahead, notably Mercury opposite Uranus and Sun square Saturn tomorrow. Midway between eclipse seasons. A jagged razor like 'blue blood' day.

Sharp wits, cutting words, cruel intentions. Venus and Mars are also in Libra. Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn. There are 82 days to the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice. We are in inter-eclipse season weeks. Mercury is now a direct evening star in Scorpio.

Venus is now in Libra, as an evening star.

Venus slides into Scorpio tomorrow. She is an evening star for the remainder of Venus is retrograde from May 13th at 22 Gemini to June 25th 5 Gemini. Mars is in Libra.

Welcome to Stars Over Washington!

This is a tough residence. Jupiter is now moving direct in Sagittarius. This is a visionary time. When looked at some of the natives with this aspect in their natal chart I could clearly see the feeling of victimisation in some of the activists in the list below. While we also have Queen Victoria who must be the quintessential icon of the British Empire and colonialism. Under Queen Victoria, slavery was abolished, yet years ago, with this conjunction in Capricorn, the African slave trade started. So this aspect can be both about putting someone in chains Saturn but also unchaining them. Saturn rules boundaries so by the same token this aspect can make for very strong personal and national boundaries but also the demolition of those defences too.

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Saturn conjunct Pluto is very much the nuclear missile of combinations. As someone who was a teenager at that time, I remember the weird subliminal feeling of impending doom that we all had. Even the fashion had us looking like the walking dead with the start of Goth fashion. Dancing new romantics, frozen in time expressed the faded decadence of a dying British empire. Launched in Saturn conjunct Pluto brings up the themes of survival, annihilation, abuse, sadomasochism, fear of power personal or governmental and self-sabotage.

There is a distrust of authority but also a fear of taking charge of oneself.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

This could explain why Britain currently is so split in two about Brexit and whether it can really become its own sovereign nation once more. The deadline for leaving was supposed to be 12 April It fell while Saturn was within orb of Pluto for the first time. Sue Tompkins points out that it is rare that the Saturn-Pluto connection actually occurs at the point of the worst atrocities, but rather as the aftermath. The event itself is just too traumatic to process, like rape, so the soul flees the body and dissociates. A series of propaganda and fear programming builds up until eventually the body cannot contain it any longer and there is a delayed reaction to the abuse.

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Once the grief rises to the surface then the healing can begin. Buried Pluto fear Saturn can only stay underground for so long until eventually it is forced to the surface. The toxins that emerge are ugly, like the messy bursting of a boil, but it is needed. If Pluto represents the power elite then Saturn is their attempt to subvert, suppress and instil fear in the collective. Looking at events that occurred during this conjunction in history you can see many seed moments attempts of controlling the masses through various means, but it is not always very obvious and mostly subversive.

Advances in technology are seen in my research too. What can we expect to see with Saturn conjunction Pluto in ? Most astrologers are predicting the collapse of the banking system, but back in history, there is only the example of currencies being created not collapsing. With this conjunction came the establishment of the gold ducat in Venice, Italy. In the Republic of Venice as it was then known was banking central for Europe much like the City of London is today.

I wonder if the group of families who were powerful in Venice then are the ancestors of the powerful EU banksters of today;.